World of RCV


The intriguing charm of exotic landscapes in a bottle: Roberto Cavalli Vodka Mango. The quality of Roberto Cavalli Vodka is enriched with a pleasant natural infusion of mango. Roberto Cavalli Vodka Mango has a rich, enveloping and intensely sweet taste. Its inimitable flavor is reminiscent of distant journeys and unexplored paradises.

Miss Mango is a world to discover. Those who gain her confidence have the pleasure of discovering a mix of sweetness and determination. She likes to get up at dawn to regenerate herself with the fluid movements of oriental disciplines and take long walks at sunset to the rhythm of 80s disco music. Because you can be romantic and tough at the same time!


An explosion of taste and radiance: Roberto Cavalli Vodka Pineapple. Obtained from the encounter between the quality of Roberto Cavalli Vodka and a natural infusion of pineapple, to preserve all the naturalness and taste characteristics. Roberto Cavalli Vodka Pineapple has a full flavor, with a perfect balance between sour and sweet notes. Delicate and juicy, it carries with every sip on a sunny tropical beach. Who is lucky enough to know Miss Pineapple knows that she is a concentration of energy and fun. Cheerful, curious, and dynamic. Among her passions, there is dancing to exhaustion on the funky notes of the ’70s, traveling in distant countries, and, occasionally, venting with an intense boxing session. And love, of course, beyond any scheme and genre.


Here is our delicious Roberto Cavalli Watermelon Vodka. The quality and elegance of Roberto Cavalli Vodka meet the fruity and captivating notes of watermelon. Sweet and refreshing at the same time, Roberto Cavalli Watermelon Vodka is perfect to give a touch of unconventional style to the summer and to make every moment of the year special.
And the best way to represent a unique vodka is through a unique woman: Miss Watermelon! Glacial and seductive, she loves to indulge in the rhythm of 90s hip-hop, always studying new strategies to beat each opponent and, above all, collect an unknown number of men scattered around the world. You have been warned…


When you think that nothing can surprise you anymore, something amazing happens. Here is Roberto Cavalli Blueberry Vodka! Bright and juicy with aromas of sweet blackberries. Its smooth, vibrant and delicious will delight you, taking every party to the next level.


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