Our Classic


Roberto Cavalli Vodka is a tasteful masterpiece and a perfect example of Italian tradition and heritage of one of the top distillers, it is sophisticated, elegant and dedicated to the most discerning palates. The resulting taste is unique, very clean with neutral aromas and just a hint of cream and citrus rind. A round very soft attack precedes a dry clean flavor and medium-full body with delicate hints of sweet pudding and spicy notes, which converge in a long creamy mineral finish.


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Available in 6-bottle crates

CLASSIC 700 ml

Available in 6-bottle crates

CLASSIC 1000 ml

Available in 4-bottle crates

MAGNUM 1500 ml

Available in single case

JEROBOAM 3000 ml

Available in 12-bottle boxes 50 ml

MIGNON 50 ml


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