Roberto Cavalli Vodka meets fruit, spices and aromas to give birth to a new line of flavored vodkas with great versatility in mixology. Natural and high quality ingredients are processed to obtain genuine, fresh and simply delicious flavors. Mango, Coffee, Melon, Watermelon, Acai, Pineapple, Coconut and Almond, enrich the range with a wide variety of aromas all to be savored, in colorful bottles with an attractive and collectible design. For a new, funny and extremely pleasant way of drinking.


Roberto Cavalli Vodka Flavors are made with natural and quality flavors only, obtained by infusion, maceration and / or distillation of fruit, spices and aromatic components. In case of fruit flavors, a certain quantity of fruit juice is added to provide the right fresh, sour and intriguing note to the finished product. Filtration takes place on a low temperature cellulose filter panel: to block the “fat” parts of essential oils, the liquid is brought to 6 / 7 ° below zero and filtered under those conditions. Unlike the filtration in purity practiced on Roberto Cavalli Vodka Classic, we do not use here marble carbonates to buffer PH and acidity. In this way the liquid does not lose the acidity provided by the fruit juice which confers freshness and pleasantness to the palate. The addition and mixing of the aromatic preparation, which can be a distillate, an alcoholate or an infusion, takes place immediately before filtration, that is when vodka is already found at -6°/-7° of temperature. In these conditions, during the mixing phase, the temperature remains very low without losing perfumes by evaporation. The addition of an aqueous solution (for example fruit juices) to a strong alcoholic solution (for example our vodka before dilution to 40% ABV) generates a well-known exothermic reaction and develops heat. Playing with the temperatures of the dilution of the vodka and of the addition of the aromatic preparation we can better fix the fragrant and delicate aromas, extracted from flowers, fruit, herbs and plants, to the finished product in a completely natural way. At the end, quality is a matter of many small attentions, the wise use of cold is definitely one of them.


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